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Strategic Opportunity Management

Strategic Opportunity Management

As we start to recover and survey the impact that lock down has caused, most of us are focused on planning what next. For many industries, this will be a time of great challenge, but with any great challenge, there is opportunity for the brave and the agile.

Group 50 and Shapecast partnership

Shapecast and Group 50 announce a new strategic partnership to support clients in the USA with strategy execution and post-merger integration.

The need for a Covid-19 agile strategy

This article discusses how you can build a Covid-19 agile strategy which can help to ensure you can continue to achieve your objectives this year.

Strategy Execution Software helps focus, Focus, FOCUS

Strategy execution creates focus

Effective strategy execution requires complete focus on what's important. How can strategy execution software help?

5 tips to use strategy execution software effectively

5 tips to use strategy execution software effectively

Strategy execution software holds great promise to improve top and bottom line performance. But how do you get the best from the software particularly if you haven't yet started the journey of strategy execution planning.

Cost Of Poor Strategy Execution

The cost of poor strategy execution

What is the real cost of poor strategy execution to individual leaders and the organisations they works in? We provide insight and analysis on the implications and cost of executing a strategy badly both in impact on top line growth and extended bottom line costs.

Shapecast white paper

Data-driven business change

Data driven business change is the process of using data to drive the process of change planning at speed and quality not possible via traditional methods.

El Bebe Strategy Execution Case Study

El Bebe strategy execution case study

Strategy Execution case study with El Bebe Productions who are a media company with Sky & Netflix content plus over 20 billion YouTube views. Find out how we helped them develop their growth strategy.