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Data-driven digital transformation

Managed analytics solutions which accelerate the speed and accuracy of digital transformation. 

What is data-driven digital transformation?

Data-driven digital transformation is the process of capturing  accurate information about how an organisation operates from its business processes, staff to digital and IT systems. Then, using this information to analyse the best ways to change the organisation and systems to operate digitally both internally and externally to support future objectives.

Over the course of the last decade working with multi-national and smaller firms, we have developed a highly fast, accurate method for driving digital change that uses best-in class software and analytics to help drive the transformation process using automation.

Our solutions use a blend of our industry-leading analytics solutions and experienced strategy and architecture services.

Data-driven digital transformation stages 

Digital transformation baseline with BMC Discovery

The Discovery stage is used to create an accurate baseline and repository of accurate information to support all stages of for the journey. 

Automated, agent-less BMC Discovery identifies applications, systems and infrastructure in your data centres and forms the baseline for our data-driven analytics process.

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Cloud Compare multi-cloud comparison at scale to analyse future digital transformation
Cloud Compare takes infrastructure identified from the Discovery stage (or an existing infrastructure inventory) and analyses the cost of moving your servers to leading public cloud providers.
It enables accurate comparisons of IaaS pricing across the leading public cloud providers in all locations globally.
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Architecture & delivery

Our architecture consulting services use information collected in previous stages to create an baseline to develop future state architectures. 

We can lead the delivery and changes, whether they are migration to a new cloud provider or implementing change across the organisation.

After digital transformation, manage your infrastructure with BMC Cloud Operations

The final stage of our journey includes management of your multi-cloud systems using BMC Cloud Operations.

BMC Cloud Operations enables you to both manage your cloud services, optimise costs and secure your cloud infrastructure.

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