Shapecast G-cloud approval

G-Cloud 10 approval

Published Date  29th June 2018
For the third year in a row, Shapecast have been awarded G-Cloud status as a cloud software and services provider.

We offer two cloud software based solutions in the market place.
The first is a cloud-based strategy execution solution which allows leadership teams to build, track and analyse complete strategic execution plans from their objectives-first. This solution includes both the cloud software and the professional services required to work with clients to capture, clean and load the initial data and training for clients to be fully self-sufficient and to manage strategy execution themselves.

Strategy Execution Solution

This solution can be used to manage any type of strategy, ranging from tracking organisational strategy where the executive leadership team are the stakeholder, through to specific types of strategic change including digital strategy transformation or very specific regulatory changes such as the upcoming GDPR regulatory changes which affect every organisation. In each case, the solution provides an incredible platform to fully track and manage all aspects through strategic change, providing personalised, real time dashboards for everyone across the organisation and extremely powerful reporting showing where execution is blocked and why.

Cloud Migration Solution

The second offering is a cloud migration tool for IT leaders. This newly released product captures your existing on-premise IT services through automated discovery. It then uses this information to analyse and match equivalent services and their costs in each of the leading cloud providers side by side. We currently support Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Rackspace, Fujitsu K5 and Oracle.
This solution allows IT leaders to get an accurate forecast of specifically what servers and services to procure in each of the providers to support both business case generation and the detailed process of planning migrations.
The tool supports both multi-cloud (choosing different cloud providers for different environments) and hybrid-cloud (some services remaining on-premise whilst others move to cloud).
Once a specific provider has been selected the tool generates a detailed human migration plan and accurate costs of migration based on a real time view of market resources.
This allows leaders to accurate model the real total cost of ownership and migration to cloud.

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