Shapecast-Brexit partners partnership

Shapecast & Brexit Partners join forces

Shapecast, the leading provider of data-driven business change solutions and Brexit Partners, a specialist Brexit strategy advisory firm that guides governments, industries and corporates through the transition process as the UK exits the EU, have today announced a partnership.

Brexit Partners is comprised of experts spanning business transformation, corporate finance, legal, regulatory, risk management, public policy, marketing and human resources with Shapecast core services focusing around strategy execution planning, operating model design and IT/Digital architecture transformation.

Shapecast’s bespoke analytical strategy execution and data-driven planning and execution capability is a perfect fit with Brexit Partners targeted methodologies, focused on understanding the Brexit impact in organisations that have yet to come up with a continuity or strategic action plan to deal with the anticipated business challenges pre and post Brexit. This new partnership will ensure even the most complex of initiatives will be evaluated, delegated, tracked and delivered ensuring the outcomes required.

Dr. Ray Nulty, Managing Partner at Brexit Partners comments:

"Far too many organisations are uncertain and confused about what they should be doing to address Brexit. Much of this is driven by lack of progress in the negotiation process between the EU and UK. Additionally, firms have other priorities which are much more tangible. Despite the ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty around Brexit, Britain’s departure from the EU is almost a year away. Many organisations are ill prepared for both Brexit and the transition period (assuming a deal is reached)."

"We are delighted to partner with Shapecast. We believe it will be an important solution in helping our mutual clients manage the complexities, risks and indeed opportunities presented by Brexit.  We are confident that Shapecast will be a worthwhile investment for any firm looking to protect revenues and address the considerable time, effort and cost challenges associated with Brexit."

Will Barnett, Managing Director at Shapecast says:

"We are delighted to be partnering with Brexit Partners. Our mix of analytics, change and planning solutions will augment Brexit Partners’ insight, who’s work in the lead up to the UK’s exit from the EU is of critical importance for organisations that are still caught in the pre-Brexit assessment stage. Together, we can help our clients assess the detail of the strategies they need to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the post-Brexit economy."