Data Gym and Shapecast partnership

The Data Gym and Shapecast partnership

Data Gym and Shapecast partnership 

1st December 2021

We are proud and extremely pleased to announce our partnership with The Data Gym to jointly drive data and digital transformation. Our partnership will boost our complementary consulting and SaaS solution capabilities.

Why have Data Gym and Shapecast formed a partnership?

Data Gym provide best in class data architecture and specialist solutions from a range of industries. Shapecast provide enterprise architecture and strategy execution solutions. Between our two organisations, we now offer clients and genuinely unique, data-driven consulting service that enables them to bring together the most complex areas of change using best in class consulting people supporting by leading edge, integrated tooling.

Through our partnership, we believe  the ability to use data to link to client's strategic outcomes and shape and define the changes they need to go through, then help them to execute and govern the change quickly and effectively is what will make our partnership shine. All change, whether data change or wider strategic and architectural change can be actively tracked and managed to organisation outcomes using StrategyWorks where Data Gym and Shapecast provide a comprehensive consulting and support services.

Between our two organisations, we can drive some of the most challenging and complex areas of the business and use data and insight to add richness and value to our clients.

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Data Gym and Shapecast partnership