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What is StrategyWorks?

StrategyWorks is cloud-based strategy execution planning software designed to help organisations to link what they are trying to achieve to the programmes and projects that contribute to the objectives.

It ensures that organisations are focusing on the most important activities that drive the best performance. It aligns programme and project execution with the organisational performance.

Throughout delivery, StrategyWorks gives every user a clear view of what they need to do to ensure the strategy execution is successful.

StrategyWorks also provides rich, real-time reporting and a live, fully integrated view of all execution which focuses effort on the most important objectives.

How can StrategyWorks help?

Shapecast Strategy Execution Planning Software links objectives to delivery plans
Align strategic objectives with delivery 
StrategyWorks generates a clear view of the vision, desired objectives and supporting key performance indicators. These are linked through to the delivery portfolio to track what is adding strategic value and how.
StrategyWorks Strategy Execution agile planning
Be more agile

StrategyWorks enables you to plan the execution of your objectives quickly and easily. It lets you build and develop new ways of executing before investing on resources and allows you to model "what if?".

Planning strategy execution value
Understand the value of execution
StrategyWorks tracks both the execution of programmes and projects and the value they bring to strategic objectives. Analyse both gaps in expected outcomes of objectives and areas of non-strategic cost-saving
Shapecast Strategy Execution Software reduce time to identify problems
Unify your organisational goals
StrategyWorks supports a wide range of organisational roles and generates role-specific views to ensure you get the right information and the right time to excel at execution

Who is StrategyWorks for?

One of the biggest reasons why so many strategies fail to execute is that different people across the organisation fail to understand what they need to do to make the organisation succeed. 

We have designed and built StrategyWorks for everyone to ensure that the execution and outcomes are clear to all stakeholders involved in delivery

Leadership teams

Leadership teams can oversee objectives, KPIs and significant risks, issues and decisions to keep the organisation on track
Delivery Leads

Delivery leads (Transformation or Operations Directors) can oversee all delivery in their department or function.

PMO teams

PMO teams can plan and track execution across a whole portfolio. They can ensure all projects are up to date and aligned to objectives

Project managers

Project managers can track the activities across their projects and collaborate with team members


Consultants can support their clients by helping to build world class strategy execution plans to support their advice


Compliance teams can ensure that the path to compliance is being followed and the understand risk and issue management plans

Non-execs & investors

Non-executive team members or investors can oversee delivery and identify issues to provide advice and guidance ahead of any problems

Team members

Team members doing the day to day execution can keep focussed on the most important activities and collaborate with their colleagues

Selected clients

John Lewis Strategy Execution planning
British Medical Association IT Strategy Execution
Jaguar Land Rover
City & Guilds

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