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Some of the StrategyWorks features and benefits 

StrategyWorks benefits

  • Link objectives to execution plans
  • Rapidly identify waste and misaligned activities
  • Improve the quality of strategic outcomes and speed up time to achieve goals
  • Detailed insight in to the progress of a single organisation or a group of organisations
  • Cut through detail to get real insight in to any execution problems
  • Demonstrate complete control to leaders and third parties how objectives will be achieved
  • Ensure the whole organisation is clear on their role with personalised dashboards
  • Radically reduce time to report and identify problems
  • Create complete visibility of accountability throughout the organisation
  • Use a single, shared platform across the organisation to align goals and objectives and improve transparency
  • Create consistency and quality across the entire delivery portfolio

Key features

  • Capture & link organisation wide vision, mission & objectives
  • Measure, and dynamically report multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Link business objectives to current programmes and projects and identify gaps
  • Personalised dashboards showing exactly what you or your team need to do in order to be effective
  • Ability to capture detailed accountability and responsibility for all aspects of the strategic execution from the top of the organisation to the most detailed activities
  • Create notifications and workflow across all stakeholders involved in activity
  • Capture, assign and track risks that affect the organisation or their impact on the strategic execution
  • Provides detailed permissions ensuring non-permissioned users cannot access inappropriate strategic plans ensuring the right level of privacy and authority
  • Track accountability and ownership of all activities across the organisation
  • Identify insight and analytics identifying where execution is failing, why and what needs to be done
  • Map key decisions required and their impact on the execution plans
  • Identify graphically which strategic efforts are working to plan and which aren't
  • Provide detailed execution reports (detailed PMO reports) dynamically showing the complete current execution progress, performance of KPIs, execution blockers and key risks and issues

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