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The promise of transformation

Whether you are transforming to modernise your organisation, grow into new markets or have gone through a major organisation event, business and digital transformation can bring huge rewards when successful but remains one of the most challenging forms of strategic change.

Successful transformation requires organisations to be clear about the outcomes, create an effective, focussed strategy clear business and IT architectural change plans, focus on build capability and ability to deliver and control ruthlessly.

In all of this, the leadership must focus on culture, communication and bring the whole organisation with them in the change.


StrategyWorks Transformation Management

As challenges arise, it requires the ability to remain focussed on what is important but retain agility and flexibility. All of time, keep all stakeholders involved and engaged throughout.

Maintaining all these aspects of transformation is complex, risky and challenging.


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How we help

We help drive up the transformation capability through a highly focussed structured methodology, experience and importantly world-class tooling to help keep and maintain focus on transformation objectives and outcomes.

We help create clarity of outcomes, clear strategic execution plans that be shown to directly support the outcomes and an architecture and roadmap that identifies all the system and organisation change required. We then govern and support the delivery of this complex change across the organisation.

Most importantly, we create and maintain connection and alignment between transformation goals, the strategic delivery plan and architecture to be delivered so that the outcomes and benefits are realised.

We accelerate change, provide essential transformation capability, support delivery teams and enable the leadership team to focus on culture and the organisation change components.

Transformation Management Office solution

To help Transformation Leaders, we have combined the best of our Strategy Execution, Architecture solutions in to a single package that enables us to help you clarify the transformation vision and objectives, we help define the business and IT architecture that supports the outcomes of transformation, then build effective strategic execution plans that can demonstrate value and alignment to the transformation outcomes.

Once defined, we help to create meaningful wins along the way, track progress, support day to day delivery and manage the complexity of transformation so you can focus on hearts, minds and cultural change.

Transformation Management Office features

We offer a range of support models for architecture including the following. specialist, highly trained resource to support your existing teams or we can provide architectural services to support specific projects or requirements.

Outcome based Enterprise Architecture

Strategy execution

If you need support for a specific piece of change planning, initiative or programme support, we can provide architectural teams and with success-based outcomes.

This type of engagement starts with a clear brief and desired outcome that we can help shape with you if required. We then manage the outcome and delivery to your time and budget. 



We can offer our highly qualified, vetted individual architects or whole teams to support and compliment your existing in-house teams for a single project or longer-term engagements.


Governance and delivery support

We support the design, and development of architectural capability in your organisation. This includes building solution, integration, data and enterprise architecture functions.

Once designed, we can operate these functions until embedded then help hand capability to internal team so that the capability of embedded in your organisation.

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