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Markets and organisations are changing at a pace and scale not seen before. Now, more than ever, there is need to understand, model and manage change through rich, analytics tools which can delivery insight, accuracy and assess the impact of change quickly.
We have developed a range of data-driven analytics solutions which help business and IT leaders, delivery leads, partners and consultants to deliver business, digital and IT change faster and more effectively than previously possible.
Our solutions focus on execution of your strategy against business objectives and enabling you to transform digitally faster and more effectively through automated and data-driven analytics solutions. 

StrategyWorks SaaS analytics solutions

Align your organisation on your objectives, identify wasted spend, keep everyone focussed on the goals. StrategyWorks is the single platform that helps you achieve your objectives faster.

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IT SaaS analytics solutions

Automate and accelerate your digital transformation with our integrated, data-driven SaaS analytics solutions which can accelerate your digital journey.

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Selected clients

John Lewis SaaS analytics solutions
British Medical Association
Jaguar Land Rover
Christie's SaaS analytics solutions
City & Guilds SaaS analytics solutions

Post Covid-19 strategy planning

The unique and unprecedented challenge of Covid-19 is forcing us to be lean, to focus our resources on what is important and drive at speed.

StrategyWorks is the industry-leading execution solution which helps focus your resources on critical objectives and ensure complete alignment across the organisation so you are ready to succeed when business gets back to normal. 
StrategyWorks helps identify non-strategic activity and focus your resources on new outcomes and opportunities to ensure you will be successful.

We are offering specialist support and guidance to help simplify execution plans and focus effort on objectives to ensure you stay agile.

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